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Vacuuming Dust Mites: How to do a better job

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Especially in dusty Malta, where construction dust, traffic pollution, limestone buildings and sand rain enter our home as soon as we dare open a window. Vacuuming is a very important part of our weekly cleaning routines.

When vacuuming it’s important to keep certain things in mind:


1. Vacuuming: Keep It Regular

If you skip hoovering some weeks, you will be dealing with more stubborn dust next week. So make sure you keep it regular so cleaning doesn’t become more taxing and demanding. If it does, you will be even less likely to keep this regular.


2. Take Your Time when vacuuming

When vacuuming your carpets, floors or curtains, take your time. Pressing the vacuum head down to the carpet will only push dust further into it. So hurrying and trying to push won’t work. Take your time and just slide your hoover along as smooth as possible.


3. Keep your vacuum cleaner clean

It’s important that your vacuum cleaner is clean before you begin. If you start off with a hoover bag full of dust, you’re just going to put more dust and allergens into the air.
This is very important, especially if you or someone in your household sufferers from allergies.

Your doctor may have recommended avoiding vacuuming without a face mask or vacuum when children with allergies are not at home. Keeping it clean will minimise (not stop) the dust it puts back out into the air.


4. Pick the right vacuum cleaner

We all feel qualified to pick our vacuum cleaners. We’d normally pick a well-known brand. Perhaps the latest bag-less technology so we don’t have to fiddle with it anymore.

The right vacuum cleaner for you depends on your household. A regular vacuum is fine if you don’t have cats or dogs, no-one in your home suffers from allergies, and you don’t live on a dusty/busy road.

If you said yes to any of the above, you probably need to go for a better vacuum cleaner than the ones you find in your regular household shops.

You want a vacuum with a stronger motor, built to not let any dust, out and deep clean your carpets.

You want a Kirby.
Kirby vacuum cleaners cannot be found in the shops, but you can book a free demonstration here the in-home demonstration provides the opportunity to test and experience first-hand the performance and versatility of Kirby. Demonstrations are FREE and there is no purchase requirement. If it’s not for you we understand, it’s not for everyone.

Kirby promises deep clean allergenic-free textiles, sofas and carpets in your home using the Kirby Micron Magic® HEPA filtration that traps allergenic particles and dust. It also easily converts into a handheld vacuum and allows for carpet & furniture shampooing, tile & grout scrubbing, hard floor polishing and much more…



and also benefit from our current offer on A/C cleaning…

Kirby Demo offer Malta

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