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How the right Aircon Cleaning can Safeguard your health

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Do you suffer from allergies, asthma, headaches, coughs, sneezes, or eczema? All these conditions can be worsened by unclean air conditioning units? In fact, aircon cleaning should be an essential part of your spring cleaning routine.


Aircon Cleaning: Why we need it.
A/C units harbour a lot of bacteria and allergens. When you use your air conditioner it gets humid. When you switch it off and airflow stops, dust and allergens caught in the filters get permanently lodged in these humid fibres. The filter becomes a breeding ground for bacteria, mould and other organisms. They can spend a whole winter multiplying in your unit. When you switch it on in the summer, you circulate these allergens all over your home.

“If you have a badly maintained or badly designed AC system, whether it’s in your home or office or vehicle, it can become contaminated and potentially harmful,”

Says Dr. Mark Mendell, Epidemiologist from the CDPH. His research started in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s proved that unclean air conditioner units can cause what he named ‘sick building syndrome’.

He identified a number of seemingly unrelated symptoms; nasal congestion, breathing problems, headaches, fatigue and irritated skin. His research has linked air conditioning systems to many of these symptoms.

How cleaning your air conditioning unit improves your health
A thorough clean of your air-conditioning unit will prevent dust and pollen-related allergy symptoms. It will stop your A/C from circulating bacteria and germs around your home causing unwanted symptoms. It also removes mould and helps you avoid respiratory problems


3 common ways to clean your aircon unit
When it comes to A/C cleaning you only have 3 options:

1. Do it yourself
This may be a little tricky but if you’re determined to do it yourself make sure you find a reliable set of instructions for your aircon model specifically. Make sure it’s unplugged and learn how to dismantle all the layers without breaking the fragile attachments that hold them in place. It is generally not recommended but if you don’t suffer from allergies and your unit is still relatively new you may get away with doing it yourself.

2. Get it cleaned by the importer who installed it
This seems like the logical goto for a lot of people however airconditioning importers and resellers are equipped to maintain the technical side of your unit and often will only wash your filters crudely with water (in some cases they just get dusted off). This makes the unit look clean from the outside but does not remove allergens and microorganisms. If you suffer from allergies, headaches or eczema it is not the right option for you, as it will not remove those allergens that give you flare-ups when you switch it on.

3. Get it cleaned by a specialist
Having your air conditioning unit cleaned by a professional deep cleaning company like Oxypure will help you make sure that all allergens are gone. (we offer a 99.99% allergen-free guarantee) The process involves internal washing with our specialised jets as well as fogging and bacterial disinfection of the filters. The process not only removes mould, dust, pollen and other allergens, but it also inhibits the regrowth of mould spores in the future. It will relieve your allergies or asthma and prevent its return by inhibiting the growth of mould and bacteria.

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