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How air purifiers help you live a healthier life

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Did you know that indoor air quality is up to 30 times worse than the air outside? Shocking isn’t it. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), this is a statistical fact.

Air Purifiers and Clean Air

Clean air is not only important but an important factor in our health. Many of us have given up on this. We’re aware that car pollution, construction dust and fine dust from‘desert rain’ are everywhere and therefore very difficult to avoid. A lot of us also have animals in our homes. Even if you keep the place very clean, indoor air can still be filled with invisible particles of dirt that are detrimental to your health and can aggravate existing health problems or allergies.

This is one of the reasons air purifiers are an important solution alongside, vacuuming and cleaning. They effectively reduce the number of pollutants in the air. Especially a high-quality HEPA filtered Air Purifier can reduce particles in the air by 99.9%.

Air Purifiers and Allergies or Asthma

> Air Purifiers are important for people who suffer from asthma and/or allergies. They can also be used to get rid of second-hand smoke. Since most allergies are caused by dust, pollen, mould, spores, pet dander or dust mites, it’s important that people with allergies use air purifiers in their homes to keep their symptoms in check.

HEPA Filters and Air Purifiers

The most effective Air purifiers come with HEPA filters. HEPA is an acronym for High-Efficiency Particulate Air. It’s a fancy name for an air purifying system that uses a vacuum fan to pull air particles in and put them through a pleated filter purposely designed to trap 99.9% of airborne particles.

Not every air purifier that uses filtration uses true HEPA filters, so be sure to check. A report by ConsumerSearch claims that HEPA filters remove 99.9% of dust particles as well as pollen, mould, spores, pet dander, and dust mites.


Purify the air in your home correctly

In order to purify the air in your home, make sure you combine weekly cleaning with vacuuming and air your home. A good Air Purifier such as Winix will do a great job of filtering out allergens, but will not remove carbon dioxide and put oxygen in the air. Once you’ve aired the place it’s important to close the doors and windows and switch on your

Air Purifier.

If you live in a particularly polluted or dusty area, you may want to reduce the need for airing by introducing plants. Keeping indoor plants will also improve the indoor air quality of your home, choose house plants that produce the most oxygen such as these indoor plants that produce oxygen

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